The darker side of classroom tech.

While volumes have been pontificated on the benefits of tech learning. Little seems to be written about the mismanagement of cell and Internet influence on classroom behavior. In addition the impact of the profiling engines of applications like Google, Facebook and Snapchat is for the most part ignored. It is time to take an honest look at the negative impacts on class management and the experience on online and classroom learning. The behavior of students in US / western classrooms can be quite different from those of developing countries. Entitled school youth with unlimited data plans, rarely use the Internet strictly for educational purposes. In US public schools, it is a constant struggle keeping students on-task once the computers, and cells, are out. The teacher must instruct from the back of the classroom watching for kids gaming in one tab and doing work in another. Teachers that allow listening to music while studying are continually asking students to get off of te

Why Through a Kid Out of a Classroom

  An academic colleague just asked me why I threw a student out of public middle school class. It does sound heartless. I lived a few hours from the Florida HS mass shooting and lived within 20 minutes of the Sandy Hooks massacre of 22 1st graders. The response is how press, government and the academic elite deflecting the deeper causes of violence in US schools. This is what I wrote: Dear friend. If I may, I would like to rephrase your question from “Why throw a student out of a classroom?” into, “What is causing the escalating this chaos to the point of mass murders.” Which leads to the second question and that is, “Why are higher academia, politicians and the wealthy so clueless on violence in US schools?” It feels like we are in a dystopia movie, perhaps because we are.   I mean this in the kindest way . Because I understand you are university faculty. Just to ask me why I would throw a kid out of the room is a question a US public school teacher would not ask. A te

Global Youth Digital Journalism Community Launched “I am Africa. This is my Story…” Re-opens

July 4th, 2017: A Global Digital Storytelling and Journalism Community Learning System called “I am The Story…” will be launched by Chrysalis Campaign, Inc., USA Mojatu Foundation & Magazines. Prelaunch access is now available at . The original portal “I am Africa. This is my story…” was seed funded by UNESCO Power of Peace Network, Paris on March 1, 2011.   Then called   “I am Africa. This is my Story…” The program has been expanded for global youth. The initial July launch will start in Somaliland and Somalia. “ In this first phase of the Journalism Community Learning organizations can, in one day, provide a youth with feelings/skills of social empowerment the second phase, due in July, will have a comprehensive suite of journalism courses. Teachers and youth leaders will be able to download this training for free empowering in-depth journalism for youth around the world. As a UK publisher of an African Mojatu magazine we inform people around the

"I am Africa. This is my Story..." Relaunched

In 2011 UNESCO rewared me with grant to build a digital storytelling site for African youth. Have recieved many requests to relaunch it over the years. With the help Mojatu we will be launching it in Somaliland and Somali. Hear is the PowerPoint for the new classroom workshop. 101 How to Create Digital Autobiography Storyies by "I am The Story" Draft from Chrysalis Campaign, Inc.

IBM Watson the ICON of Unemployment. What this means for Africa.

IBM Watson the ICON of Unemployment. What this means for Africa.  With 30 years of marketing, while working for the poor, it is both fascinating and cruel to watch the IBM Watson Ad campaign. While millions of viewer think technology is cool and the ads of the very human Watson are fun, those of us in the social industries know the flips side of this Smiling Tiger. The Watson ads send a message to consumers of greater accuracy and convenience. However, to the CEO they convey a message of eliminating high paying positions in every industry imaginable. Not to mention Watson is unconditionally loyal and without an ethical conscious. If he says no, just reprogram him, perhaps why he is male. Not so sure if you do that with an IBM Stella.   IBM ironically refers to Watson as the “New Guy” in its’ ads. The “New Guy” that replaced the expert or a team of old guys. By building one of the first technology centers in New York City I witness how in a few years desktop PCs and LANs

America's New Education Tracking System, coming​ to country near you.

While working on my Masters in Instructional Design I subbed at all levels of the US school system. In elementary school they seem to be able to read however by middle school most of the time is spent in class management. By the time they are in HS the back of the room is lost and the front of the room is looking at colleges, The middle of the room will have their jobs automated.

2016 Global Education Conference Presentation

Massive Sustainable Learning SDGs for 2016 Global Education Conferende richard c close from Chrysalis Campaign, Inc.