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Media on Forgiveness in South Sudan! A Lost Boy of South Sudan’s Point of View

This blog will provide you with first hand recordings of the South Sudan war from one of the Lost Boys of Sudan who will not give up on his country. When we stop and listen to a man who has been a child victim of social injustice along with the horrors of genocide he will challenges our deepest faith for our war torn world. Jacob Atem’s story echo the thoughts of millions of survivors that keep pressing on in a violent world, people who’s faith have been deeply challenged. The links below are well worth reflecting and sharing with our colleagues and students.
After writing in December an article for Mojaku Magazine “Lord of the Flies vs. The Lost Boys of the Sudan” Jacob flew back to South Sudan only to find himself in the middle of a civil war again. While we (US) watched UN planes being shot he was in that very airport at gunpoint.
In 2011 I we became friends with Jacob Atem at a UN Literacy conference. Over time we have talked, pray and cried over the state of the world. Jocob’s stor…