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Why Through a Kid Out of a Classroom

An academic colleague just asked me why I threw a student out of public middle school class. It does sound heartless. I lived a few hours from the Florida HS mass shooting and lived within 20 minutes of the Sandy Hooks massacre of 22 1st graders. The response is how press, government and the academic elite deflecting the deeper causes of violence in US schools. This is what I wrote: Dear friend.
If I may, I would like to rephrase your question from “Why throw a student out of a classroom?” into, “What is causing the escalating this chaos to the point of mass murders.” Which leads to the second question and that is, “Why are higher academia, politicians and the wealthy so clueless on violence in US schools?” It feels like we are in a dystopia movie, perhaps because we are.
I mean this in the kindest way. Because I understand you are university faculty. Just to ask me why I would throw a kid out of the room is a question a US public school teacher would not ask. A teacher would ask "W…