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Solving Corporate Problems with Training

I remember the days when Kirkpatrick's Four-Level Training Evaluation Model and ADDIE came on the scene both methods work fine for the corporate training bubble that must prove results to maintain training budgets. However blinders on evaluation and measurement can be a self-justifying delusion. It is one thing to prove someone learned the knowledge you present to them and yet another that is solved a corporate problem or boosted sales. Are we measuring grades of sales people, or are we measuring revenues. Drilling deeper, did the training program address the real problem why the company invested in the training program. Case in point: the training department can prove they trained everyone in sales the sales channel. Even that they knew in information. However because the product is poor and management does not listen the real outcome of increased sales can never be achieved. Kirpatrics: Reaction, Learning, Behavior, Results. Does not take into account Malcolm Knowles Andragogy, …