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How to Develop Social Change Programs that Stand the Test of Time

By Richard C. Close

BOX. Imagine a champion football team that is highly trained and ready. The coach gets them psyched up in the locker room. As they run out onto the field, they hear 50,000 people cheering. However, when they arrive on the field, there are no goals. Unthinkable in sports and yet we build many social change programs and country education systems like this all the time.
Academia claims it wants to transform poverty; however it must transform core principles in how it views experiential learning and evaluates what success means to the student.
What must really change? Negative culture values as well as bad corporate ethics run deep into individual characters and institutions. In addition, hate, abuse and institutional racism or classism sometimes infects us in subtler forms such as: favoritism, better grades or exclusive opportunities. A tall good looking white female or very handsome African will have an easier time opening doors for sales or climbing corporate ladd…