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Knowledge Transference and Cross Curriculum Instruction

Our goal in HS shop is safety but not in just obeying rules but in full comprehending the forces at play. Last semester I watch a level of shock and fear when faced with power tools like table saws and radial arm saws. The idea was to not only sensitize them before enter the shop but also develop a knowledge base that would help the mast the tools.

Past of this is to take away the fear of the unknown. I developed a film that mirrors and instructional PowerPoint. The clips in movie are embedded in the PowerPoint so the shop teacher can hop in at any point to review the next piece of equipment they will use.

We have noticed a significant leap in focus on how this semester's student approach and use equipment. It seems there are few gross mistakes and less setup time for each student. The knowledge of force definitely transfers to the shop floor. This is in HD.