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Proposal to Build a Countrywide Community Learning System for Somaliland

Download Proposal :*xrzFQMfJy40stj4xeQ19BCyEMTVnVo0bCqrsd8lO6kZ*s3vMb7N/SomalilandCommunityLearningSystemUSAIDFinal.pdf

We are trying get a countrywide Internet learning community off the ground in Somaliland. When I was search for contacts I though it might be helpful for you with some ideas.

We are trying to launch a country wide Community Learning System for Somaliland that should be ground breaking platform for other developing countries to use. I thought you might be interested in looking at it for some ideas and perhaps point us in the right direct to locate some grant funding.
Here is an intro to the program and copy of the proposal. We are looking to embark upon building a Somaliland country wide Community Learning System with the help of both Amoud University and Somaliland University of Technology. We have sent a request into USAID DIV fund but I thought you might have some guidance for us.  This be a bol…

Apply for Grants on Values Impact on Surviving Trauma

Request Funding for Education Research This is a request to fund a one year study on the impact of how values from poverty, war and trauma impact learning and success in life. More specifically to uncover the values of those who beat the odds of trauma and excel in life. Our target group is the 2,000 Lost Boys of South Sudan transplanted in the US. We will open the study to other groups. Upon completion of the research generate online curriculum on transformation of survivors for educators, counselors and volunteers. The research from Chrysalis Campaign and SSHO is for 50.000 USD. Abstract Core values from personal experience, culture, religion and education systems greatly impact our motivation to survive and grow when presented with adverse conditions. Time and again remarkable evidence of survival/success from war and poverty surface. From President of the US, sport stars to simple becoming a good parent and provider people beat the behavior odds of social statistics. Even entire o…