Proposal to Build a Countrywide Community Learning System for Somaliland

Download Proposal :*xrzFQMfJy40stj4xeQ19BCyEMTVnVo0bCqrsd8lO6kZ*s3vMb7N/SomalilandCommunityLearningSystemUSAIDFinal.pdf

We are trying get a countrywide Internet learning community off the ground in Somaliland. When I was search for contacts I though it might be helpful for you with some ideas.

We are trying to launch a country wide Community Learning System for Somaliland that should be ground breaking platform for other developing countries to use. I thought you might be interested in looking at it for some ideas and perhaps point us in the right direct to locate some grant funding.

Here is an intro to the program and copy of the proposal.
We are looking to embark upon building a Somaliland country wide Community Learning System with the help of both Amoud University and Somaliland University of Technology. We have sent a request into USAID DIV fund but I thought you might have some guidance for us. 
This be a bold project that could unite the academic, business and community influences in Somaliland. It would also be a remarkable case study for other countries.
Here is the information on the program.

We are about to embark on developing a countrywide Internet program for Somaliland that integrates Social Networking with global: eLearning, cyber library, community development workshops. This unique country collaborative sytem will be free to the Somaliland people, NGOs, K-12 education, Higher Ed and Adult Learning programs. Although historically this would be an impossible quest with today’s preexisting technologies it will be relatively easy to accomplish.

While the technical part is easy we will concurrently launch community development workshops and curriculum available to any not for profit and for profit organizations.

Unlike trickle down programs this will be a Democracy of Education imagined by John Dewey on a countrywide scale. We will also train community leaders how to solve community problems and launch economic development using collaborative Project Based Learning methods for community development.

We have chosen Somaliland for its size, need and support of the two leading Universities. Amoud University has already pledged faculty support for phase one research and workshops. Somaliland isolation will also facilitate accurate research on the program’s impact. We are also looking at Lesotho, South Sudan, Nigeria and Kenya as target countries after this program is build within a year. We will share our development and materials worldwide.

Please take a moment to review our proposal and reflect on how your organization might help with phase one of the planning and prototype process.

Richard C. Close CEO
Chrysalis Campaign, Inc.
Cell: 1.860.248.5424


Frank Mojatu said…
I have read through the proposal and its great. Given our previous work and discussions, I think we can support the project on specific areas such as contents sourcing and integration, translation and some levels of funding upon receipt of more details. Keep us updated please. Thanks

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