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This is a request to fund a one year study on the impact of how values from poverty, war and trauma impact learning and success in life. More specifically to uncover the values of those who beat the odds of trauma and excel in life. Our target group is the 2,000 Lost Boys of South Sudan transplanted in the US. We will open the study to other groups. Upon completion of the research generate online curriculum on transformation of survivors for educators, counselors and volunteers. The research from Chrysalis Campaign and SSHO is for 50.000 USD.


Core values from personal experience, culture, religion and education systems greatly impact our motivation to survive and grow when presented with adverse conditions. Time and again remarkable evidence of survival/success from war and poverty surface. From President of the US, sport stars to simple becoming a good parent and provider people beat the behavior odds of social statistics. Even entire organizations such as Sony Corporation surface from the ashes of Hiroshima. Our research is to identify the values that set people free of negative social patterns in order to identify methods and techniques that can help others to beat oppressive conditions. For this we will research the Lost Boys of South Sudan and other groups willing to participate.
It is our intention to team up with South Sudan Health Care to research the narrative histories of the Lost Boys of South Sudan for common threads of values and beliefs that contributed to their survival and success. The Lost Boys’ history spans across multiple wars along with racial injustice in the US. Based on discussions with Lost Boy Jacob Atem (a PhD Candidate at University of Florida and TEDx speaker we would like to examine the deeper driving values and forces (Mentors etc.) that help so many of the Lost Boys of South Sudan (and other surviving trauma) thrive in the US, UK and other locations.
This research would take a year to compile and contain both quantitative and qualitative date. Recording of life testimonies would be posted on the UNESCO seed portal “I am the Story at

We feel that this body of research would provide an invaluable methods for both NGOs and public school system counseling and curriculum development. It would also serve as an encouraging guide-roadmap for other who must pick up the pieces of broken lives and carry on.


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