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The darker side of classroom tech.

While volumes have been pontificated on the benefits of tech learning. Little seems to be written about the mismanagement of cell and Internet influence on classroom behavior. In addition the impact of the profiling engines of applications like Google, Facebook and Snapchat is for the most part ignored. It is time to take an honest look at the negative impacts on class management and the experience on online and classroom learning.
The behavior of students in US / western classrooms can be quite different from those of developing countries. Entitled school youth with unlimited data plans, rarely use the Internet strictly for educational purposes. In US public schools, it is a constant struggle keeping students on-task once the computers, and cells, are out. The teacher must instruct from the back of the classroom watching for kids gaming in one tab and doing work in another. Teachers that allow listening to music while studying are continually asking students to get off of texting, Sna…