GEC Webinar Diversity, Learning Styles and Project Based Learning Upgrading Classroom Methods for a Global “Personal Learning Framework”

Lecture: Richard C Close, Servant – CEO  Chrysalis Campaign, Inc.

Audience: NGO leaders, Educators, Mentors and Curriculum Developers

Description: Provide simple methods for how to handle Diversity, Learning Styles within Project based Learning Upgrading classroom methods to handle poverty and trauma in the classroom with a global Personal Learning Framework.
Webinar Session Description:

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Some place in any country a teacher stands in front of highly diverse class filled with students charged with emotional issues impacting the student’s ability to learn and the teacher's ability to teach. The US teacher must handle a class with five different Learning Styles, multiple special Ed issues, about 50% divorced, 50% with STDS, 9% sexual abuse not to mention 26 million children of alcoholics, racism, bulling and poverty. Combine this with 22% or the class is hungry. Standing at the front of the room she holds an expensive four color curriculum that simple ignores any of this is happening. It Our children do wonderful job masking this abuse, however curriculum can not go on ignoring humanities issues.

We still are looking a common core curriculum in a world that is anything but common. Teachers compensate for this error every day in classrooms across the world.

This research presentation is an attempt to provide easy techniques for handling the issues with learning styles, trauma, poverty, special needs and cultural diversity in the classroom by leveraging Internet resources and Adult Learning methods.  In the presentation I will share techniques of collaborative Project Based Learning in adult homeless centers, Africa and k-12 schools.
This is the third presentation for the Global Learning Conference and will introduce new theories on this generation’s student experience with learning is integrated with the Internet collaboration across the globe. The session will critic the vague expressions pre internet models of Adult Learning with granule ways to create transformative curriculum. We will also model these methods against UNESCO Four Pillars methods and Sig Sigma problem solving models. Our concept is that Adult Learning begins in Junior High and easier to handle than you may imagine.
Presented will be a proposed of an upgraded collaborative view of how we learn as adult and children that will challenge Adult Learning theories called Personal Learning Framework . This Upgrades vision will show the connection between technology and human collaboration along with the reintegration of values education that will strengthen the teacher student relationship and mentor and guide.
Finally we will share simple methods you can introduce into any curriculum to make it human again.
We will end with offering simple methods of collaborative learning with your current curriculum.

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