Quotes From Global Learning Framework Book

Working on the course and book for Global Learning Framework. Some quotes below

 Richard C. Close Quotes
1)      Ok, What will you do; take – give or ignore?
2)      Love is that which holds everything together. It is why we exist.
3)      Collaboration requires trust, safety, honesty, respect, curiosity, humbleness, faith and a whole mess of other great value that are hard to find in classrooms.
4)      In every event you must choose who you are and what you stand for. One way or another you will choose.
5)      Content can be measure by grades. However context is measured by life.
6)      You can test if I know physical quantitative facts. But you cannot test who I am or how I feel?
7)      You can tes the physical properties of an object. But you can not test my value to the world.
8)      You can think anything you want. But the second it hits your face you are committed to the reaction. We have a saying in the hood, “You can not put the bullet back in the gun.”
9)      Does the world spin around you or God? Better figure it out because when disaster strike you will have to rely on one or the other.


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